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Nutrient Power Book - Paperback (2014)

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    Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain
    By William J. Walsh, PhD

    Natural Healing for ADHD, Autism, Behavior Disorders, Depression, Schizophrenia, and Alzheimer's
    "Over his impressive career, Dr. Walsh has worked with 30,000 patients with conditions ranging from autism to schizophrenia to Alzheimer's.  His book is an essential tool for anyone who would prefer to heal the brain with nutrients rather than drugs."  - Teri Arranga, editor-in-chief, Autism Science Digest

    "Book Excerpt
    Psychiatry has made impressive advances in the past 50 years, but needs a new direction. Today's emphasis on drug medications will not stand the test of time. Drugs have helped millions of people with depression and other mental disorders but benefits usually are partial in nature and involve unpleasant or intolerable side effects. Medication therapy is more art than science, and involves a considerable amount of trial-and-error. A fundamental limitation is that psychiatric drugs are foreign molecules that result in an abnormal condition rather than producing normalcy. It is unlikely that future psychiatric drugs will ever be universally effective or free of side effects. A new approach is needed . . .

    This book presents an advanced nutrient therapy system that can help millions of persons with mental disorders. This approach recognizes that most humans have nutrient imbalances due to genetic and environmental factors, and these imbalances can cause mischief in various ways: (1) serotonin, dopamine, and other key neurotransmitters (NT's) are continuously produced in the brain from nutrient raw materials that may be at improper concentrations; (2) nutrient imbalances can alter epigenetic processes that govern NT activity at synapses; (3) deficiency in antioxidant nutrients can cripple the brain's protection against toxic metals . . . "
    100% of Nutrient Power book sales is used to further the mission of the non-profit Walsh Research Institute. 
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    Nutrient Power with Dr. Walsh - Your Health TV ()
    • Nutrient Power with Dr. Walsh - Your Health TV

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    1. Highly informative  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 26th Dec 2014

      This book is helpful even if you never took a chemistry course. The explanations are clear. I had to read some passages several times to understand them and I had to look up terms in the internet to better understand some terms, but I do not fault the book. This gave excellent basic information and hope for people with unremitting mental illness and for those for whom psychotropic medications make things worse. Well worth the time and money!

    2. Excellent source for individuals to guide your doctor or do it alone if smart enough (i.e. engineering background).  star rating

      Posted by Ramzi on 17th Nov 2014

      A must buy for individuals and family planning to support a loved one!

    3. Excellent Resource of Information  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 16th Jul 2014

      Very well written, clear research on a complex subject. I will be sharing this with everyone with interest in optimal health.

    4. Tech-oriented Nutrient Power  star rating

      Posted by Barbara Charis on 24th Oct 2013

      Nutrient-Power is highly technical covering a great deal of information, but it needed more emphasis on avoiding the foods, which are causing problems with the body/brain. The major foods to avoid: grains and dairy. In studies that have been done with children; autism has been reversed and in some cases eliminated, when these foods have been removed from the diet.
      It did give excellent info on supplements which can be utilized to enhance brain power.

    5. Valuable insight to which every human being should have access  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 18th Oct 2013

      The book could take parenting, law enforcement and family courts, social work, criminal justice, medical diagnostics & practice, and personal empowerment to the higher level of attainment to which they all aspire. There is not just good parenting or bad parenting, a criminal mind or not a criminal mind, incarceration vs being a danger to society, being a victim or an advocate, being born healthy or not, or requiring meds or doing without. This book brushes away the tired, politicized dichotomies of all these issues and opens up a third avenue, through the lens of epigenetics, that combines clinically supported insights with the rare possibility of immediate application, to the benefit of our entire society. The insight this book presents may just change the way you look at your children, students, patients, family, friends, neighbors, criminals featured on the nightly news, and even yourself.

    6. A milestone in the treatement of mental illness  star rating

      Posted by W.G. Whitney, PEng. on 9th Sep 2013

      Dr. Walsh has written an excellent overview of the current knowledge in the field of mental health, including discussions about schizophrenia, bipolar depression, autism, Alzheimers and ADHD. He writes with convincing authority, based on his long and distinguished career and his detailed knowledge of the subject.
      He is obviously writing to an informed audience of researchers and well read care givers, but manages to make even the most obtuse discussion of epigenetics or transporter proteins somehow understandable.
      There are many gems of information in this book that can help those who are treating mental illness. What you learn depends on what type of illness you are concerned with. What I learned was how all the various deficiencies are interrelated in bipolar illness, how important the methyl/folate ratio is, how important specific nutrients are like Zn and B6 are, and how genes can be turned on or silenced.
      I was hoping to find a more detailed discussion of mania but found mostly depression covered. Other authors like Eva Edleman suggest that mania and depression are in effect subtypes of bipolar illness and require different treatments. A separate chapter on mania would be fascinating reading. I was also hoping the see folinic acid mentioned, in use by some clinics. Is it recommended by Dr. Walsh or does it conflict with SAMe ? The other thing is repeated mentions of the need for large scale, placebo controlled studies to make the evidence palatable to the medical community. But these tests are not ethical when people can suffer or die on placebos, and clinical evidence is indeed meaningful, especially when the benefits appear obvious and the side effects appear negligible or fading to zero. Perhaps Dr. Walsh should stop genuflecting to medical 'experts' whom he stands held and shoulders above.
      These are only minor quibbles, since the book is not a treatment bible but a survey of the entire field.
      Thank you Dr. Walsh for helping thousands of people (and potentially millions) enjoy a better life and real happiness.

    7. Potentially "ground-breaking" best therapy  star rating

      Posted by Author, Evelyn Maxwell, M.N., R.N. on 25th Jul 2013

      For many years I have promoted nutritional assessments and therapy as part of problem identification and improvement in mental health.
      Now we have controlled trials providing evidence of an even more basic approach to problem identification with laboratory test findings and follow-up treatment with basic nutrients. Best wishes on continued professional education with more specifics than we find in this introductory book. For a wholistic approach to mental health, see my At Eden's Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being.

    8. Fantastic new book on biochemical individuality  star rating

      Posted by Catherine Jennifer Walbridge on 27th Apr 2013

      With this report on Bill Walsh's research, sufferers of many different mental illnesses can get treatment that does not involve the side effects of psychiatric medicines. Walsh explains, in detail, the causes of these states, on a chemical and cellular level. He presents solutions--nutrients that patients need to employ or avoid, depending on what their biochemical individuality consists of. With these treatments used, the world will become a place free of many mental illnesses: criminal and symptomatic behavior can be halted and resources saved. This is truly a groundbreaking book!

    9. Excellent Resource for Lay Person: Nutrient Approach to Psychiatry  star rating

      Posted by Kathleen Roberts on 13th Mar 2013

      This book gives not only an easy-to-understand overview of the biochemical imbalances that often underlie psychiatric and behavioral disorders, but a resource for how to test for them and treat them with nutrients rather than toxic drugs. A very much needed book.

    10. new info to me  star rating

      Posted by jerome dugan on 27th Jan 2013

      i have been interested in and studying nutrition for over 40 years
      i have never heard any of this before even though i do not totally understand it. the concept makes sense and i have done th e testing waiting now for my protocol. i was familar with the work of hoffer and pheiffer and read other alternative books on depression etc. but never got anywhere with their protocols
      so i am giving it a try.i also spoke with dr. walsh and was pleasantly surprised at his helpful down to earth demeanor.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 16 | Next

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